Author: Rene Scavington

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Lifting & Parkour

I’m a big picture kind of guy. I like the details, but ultimately if you can’t relate the small things back to the big thing you’ve lost me. Case in point: Weight training for parkour. Why the heck is anyone doing it? And if you’re doing it how much are...

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Factors Affecting Results of Training: FART?

The Numbers Game For as long as I’ve practiced parkour I’ve had an obsession with numbers. I’ve kept track of my own statistics: height, weight, a multitude of basic jumps, squat, deadlift, kong, wall-run, dyno, etc. It’s a love hate relationship because the numbers don’t always get you what you...

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Parkour Specifically

The inspiration for this post originally came from seeing This Post published by Urban Freeflow. I was intrigued by the title, but ultimately found that the article is written with a pretty heavy bias towards the authors own ideals, and has little to do with defining anything unique about parkour. The article is a...