Pro Parkour, Pro Competition

Tom Coppola

Tom is a Head Coach at Origins Parkour and Athletic Facility located in Vancouver, BC. Beginning his parkour journey in Florida, he has been practicing parkour intensively since 2007. Tom graduated with a Master of Kinesiology in 2014 studying motor learning and coaching science at the University of British Columbia. Tom is internationally recognized as a parkour coaching expert and advanced athlete having competed in several high level competitions around North America

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  1. Jane says:

    Excellent article Tom! This gives me new insight into the history of Parkour as well as underlining one of the unique aspects of this discipline that engaged me from the start–its non-competitive and very supportive nature. Origins Parkour is a gym like no other, because of the people in it.

    For anyone else reading my comment, I am one of those recreational athletes (ha, if I could call myself an athlete–starting at 46 yrs old with no previous training whatsoever) who would not have stuck it out, after hitting those plateaus Tom mentions, if it weren’t for his rare coaching abilities and deep sensitivities to his students. You’re one in a million, Tom!

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